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The Founder


Erika Kaneza. I am a motivational speaker, professional coach and conflict mediator whose objectives are to help you transform conflict and crisis situations to your best interest, to empower you and to guide you in defining and achieving your personal and professional goals.

My passion in life that morphed into an area of expertise is to awaken people’s positivity.
I love seeing people positively inspired, taking the time to mature and then excelling in personal/professionnal projects. Above all, I love to see them get back up after failing and turn it into a victorious experience in their life path.
For as long as I can cast back I recall my early self as a catalyst for personal leadership and I have always acted like one.

My philosophy in life is mainly upheld by two personal convictions – Authenticity is key to all and Attitude is everything!

Authenticity is the key to all!

Authenticity allows to constantly keep a sincere and careful eye on ourselves, others and our environment. The time we spend creating, listening to or reproducing less constructive view-points, and complaing about life circumstances is waste of energy, attention and precious time. Those are determining factors for acting effisciently, strengthening our actions and living the life we want. Therefore, it is important to remain focused.

Attitude is everything!

Attitude is defined by what I call “school of life”! My personal and social experience led me to be interested in observing issues that trigger conflicts and to develop a philosophy of life that allows me to change conflicts and crisis into opportunities for further development.

Moreover my previous professional experience of over a decade in the professional legal industry within a highly multicultural environment provided me with a continuous challenge in conflict resolution and cross cultural communication.

I was trained in law studies at the University of Lille (France) and have received training in conflict mediation from the University Academy of Louvain (Belgium). I am a Certified Coach and Trainer from Erickson College International (Canada) and have excellent skills and competencies in NLP coaching techniques.

I can work with you towards your personal and professional development, in French or English.

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