“Your attitude, not your aptitude, will determine your altitude”

Zig Ziglar, speaker

Whether we like it or not, the circumstances of our lives change; we often have to be adaptative, creative. We need to draw strength from somewhere in our relationships, our beliefs, our values, and often in ourselves. At work and at home, for having and keeping a beautiful energy, we need inspiration. This is why for many individuals and organizations, motivation is no longer considered as a luxury: it is a need as essential as the need for efficiency.

As we need to listen to good music for our own pleasure, our leaders, our employees or ourselves will need to hear those out there who share their success stories; we will enjoy to understand the progress made, challenges faced, successes and the impact of mentors crossed on their way.

I believe in the power of words exchanged because it connects people on what they have more concrete in their life: their experiences.

I speak at conferences, conventions and meetings of all sizes on motivation, leadership, conflict resolution, empowerment of the individual, women and their role as peacemakers, diversity.

My words are largely based on my own experience and my goal is to inspire my audience to consider a non-traditional reading of things, be creative, to encourage dialogue and thus promote better connection between people.

I offer at the moment one conference: The Art of Personal Leadership