The Art of Personal Leadership

Personal leadership is the leadership of the self. It is the ability to define a direction for your leadership and life, and to move in that direction with consistency and clarity.

It is the basis of any form of leadership, managerial leadership or political leadership.
Indeed, the person who demonstrates personal leadership knows what he/she wants in his/her life and has the confidence to achieve it.

  • It is in the attitude. A “from inside out” attitude that leads to success in your leadeship and life: good self-esteem (=> relation to oneself), good communication (=> over other) and a positive mental attitude.


My speaking comes in three progressively interdependent parts:

  • Dare authenticity => it is about defining your objectives according to your intrinsic values and committing to achieving them.
  • Enhance your vision => it is about having enough confidence and determination to achieve them in a timely manner.
  • Own your story => it is about building a picture of yourself and an attitude that reflect your actions and aspirations